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Cooked by hand, only from fresh fruits, according to original recipes.


The Gusto family project has been a family business from the very beginning to this day. As in that counting room: mom, dad, me. My mother and I cooked the first 50 cans according to grandmother's recipes in the home kitchen for the weekend fair, where I was invited as a participant. On that day, we not only sold all our stocks, but also received several orders for certain tastes from local cafes. So in the process and the idea arose to create their own production. Moreover, my consumer experience showed that you will not find decent jam from local manufacturers on the shelves of Khabarovsk stores. This is mainly a product brought from afar, in which, in addition to the laid fruit, berries and sugar, there is at least a couple of strange E, and the appearance and contents, and the cans do not cause appetite.

We rented a small workshop, filled out all the necessary documents, purchased containers and equipment. Total to start production was spent 45,000 rubles of own money.

Any business is built on an idea, but an idea is just the start. Next was the difficult task of marketing our jam. Cold calls, visits began ... Now "Gusto family" is represented in many Khabarovsk supermarkets. We cooperate with flower salons and cafes. Our jars are often ordered by corporate clients as gifts for employees and partners. We have already sent orders to Kamchatka, Sakhalin and to Ulan-Ude.

In 2018, our company has reached a new level. The impulse was given to this by a contract with the Samberi chain of Khabarovsk supermarkets. Our former workshop became small for us, and we moved to a new building. But we did not depart from our basic principles: as before, jam production is located in the environmentally friendly suburb of Khabarovsk, and as part of our desserts we use only fresh seasonal raw materials, whole selected nuts and natural spicy herbs. Almost all the ingredients of Gusto jam are of domestic production. For example, apples, pears, plums from the Krasnodar Territory, and we grow the basil and rosemary ourselves in the summer.


Various preserves and jams on the shelves are enough, but this, as we do, is not in principle. Firstly, we carefully keep family secrets on how to keep each fruit slice intact and the syrup transparent. And secondly, every new recipe is always an experiment. So in our assortment appeared apple jam with basil and pine nuts, sweet pepper jam with jalapenos, apricot slices with thyme. Today, we produce 22 flavors from six types of fruit. Each new taste is first necessarily tasted by friends, and give an objective and honest assessment.

Now we have tried several new recipes and are ready to share them with our customers. We expanded the alcohol series of desserts: to the beloved red grapefruit jam with scotch whiskey, mulled wine jams of red and white wine with lemon and orange zest and IPA dark beer jam with prune were added. We have a series of flavors that create an excellent duet with cheeses: for example, pear confiture with lavender is suitable for aged cheeses, and cherry jam with lime and cinnamon is ideal for brie and camembert. Soon we will start the production of pastille, fruit chips and sugar-free jams.

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